Roofing doesn’t need to be so expensive; homeowners want that their roof will look attractive at a reasonable cost. The range of prices starts from dirt cheap to blinding sky-high. You will see how raw materials drive the price of the entire project up or down. Since petroleum is used in producing asphalt shingles and the price of petroleum fluctuates, the price of each shingle also vary. 

    The prices of the materials used to produce the roof shingles determine its price in the market. To help you estimate and decide on what type of roofing material is suitable for your needs and budget, here are some types of roofing materials that can be used for your home. 

    Asphalt Shingles 

    Mat topped with asphalt and mineral granules, these three tab shingles are good for most home roofing needs. Typically, warranties come for 20 to 30 years.  This type of roofing is quite popular around the world. If you ever lose a roof shingle down the road, they are quite easy to replace because many roofing companies are expert in installing asphalt shingles. 

    Metal Roofing 

    Warehouses are not just the one suitable for metal roofing. Because of their cool, industrial, and aesthetic look, they are also introduced even on high-end mansions. Metal roofing is fire resistant and pest free which makes it last longer compared to other types of roofing materials and can provide good resale value.  

    Metal roofs are quite expensive and will require installation by highly experienced professionals. Metal roofing is considered ecologically friendly and is a sustainable building material which makes it a good choice if you are environmentally friendly. 

    Green Roof 

    The green or living roof holds much promise because of its unorthodox appearance and materials. It can provide thermal insulation to your house and put oxygen back in the air. This type of roof enables you to absorb rainwater and even allow growing plants. 

    A green roof can be quite intensive because it can support large plants and people.  You can simply construct this type of roof by layering your roof with a waterproof membrane and providing adequate drainage. 

    Rolled Roofing 

    It is mainly used in low slope buildings and as the name implies, it comes in rolls of 100 square feet, each measuring about 3 feet wide. If beauty isn’t much of your choice, you can opt for this roofing because it is a fast and dirt cheap way to roof your building. It is good at holding back especially if you are covering a roof with no or slow slope.  

     Slate Shingles 

     If you are a dedicated remodeler who will accept nothing less, this makes a slate roof suitable for you. Because slate is a real stone, it has a tendency to cleave off thin sheets which make it quite easy to quarry.  

    Slate shingles are quite hard to install or there is a tendency that it will be improperly installed by inexperienced professionals, so it is imperative that you hire credible roofing companies to do the work. Thankfully, there are many companies that offer professional services and provide high-quality work and ensure client satisfaction, click here